In an effort to satiate a gluttonous creative appetite, I took a trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and discovered a quiet and calming darkness within the work of British photographer Sarah Jones. Startled by the depth and detail of a rose bush diptych hidden within a darkroom, I was instantly captivated by their fragility and beautiful decay. The Rose Gardens II and III contain a melancholy echoed by the deep black tones fabricated by overexposing images shot in bright daylight.

Born in 1959, London-based Sarah Jones studied painting and fine art at Goldsmiths and has been photographing since the 1990s. Known for her images of psychoanalysts’ consulting rooms, Jones reflects on ideals of beauty and truths within the rituals of everyday life. It is her series of still lifes catapulting toward death which fascinate me most. Our impending mortality is but a flash of light wandering naked through dying rose gardens.

Purchase her book here.

Photo credits: Anton Kern Gallery and Maureen Paly

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